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In 2002 I was recommended to Derryn by my neighbour, now 18 years on, I like to think of Derryn as not just my beauty therapist but also a friend.  I have always found her professional and knowledgeable in her field of expertise as well as easy to talk to in a relaxing atmosphere.


My daughter reminded me that I have been a client of Derryn’s for 7-8 years. Why? Because she is a professional person in every sense of the word. I am received with joy and many a cup of coffee, into a warm, spotlessly clean Treatment Room. It has gentle, calming music playing; clean towels, a paper sheeted, ready warmed treatment bed, and the equipment/creams and ointments are ready to go.

Derryn’s conversation is reassuring and interesting, mixed with a delightful sense of humour and wit. At the same time, she is always aware of me, and any concerns of health and nervousness are soon dispersed with intelligent, well qualified information.

My main treatment, is for my Diabetic feet. The reflexology stimulates not only my poor blood circulation, but Derryn tells me how the different areas that she is working on affect the organs
in my body.
I have such a trust in the outcome of my treatment, and it raises my spirits.

I have had my ears cleaned with candles, and my head massaged, both are really effective. The former improves my hearing and the latter dispels my tension.

It is a privilege to be a client of Derryns and I would recommend her to the Queen.

Mrs Diana Coleman